Bleeding from anus, blood in urine, pain in lower back

i am 51 years of age reason for contacting you is i am pretty worried because i am bleeding from my anus i have to put toilet paper or something there as it seeps out and when i go to the toilet there is a lot of blood in the toilet there are clots in it to the color of it looks like beetroot and i have been passing blood in my urine but it is not as dark as what i have coming from my bowels ,i have had pain in my lower back around my kidneys i know i don’t have a urine infection as i don’t need to wee all the time ,i have been getting jolts of sharp pain on my appendix side of my abdominal area i but i had my appendix out along time ago .about six to eight months ago i was passing blood but it started happening again about 4 maybe 5 days ago i don’t have any pain whilst using my bowels or when i am passing urine i have been feeling very tired and lethargic i have not felt sick like vomiting or anything like that i have been getting a lot of head aches i know its not piles there are no lumps or anything like that at the entrance of my anus when i get the sharp pain on my lower right hand side its a real sudden sharp jolting grabbing pain i haven’t seen a doctor for a very longtime its been years and years till a week or two ago as i hurt my right hand pretty badly its on the mend now though i am not on any medications my only allergy is to horses

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