I am facing a laparoscopic mastectomy, Can this surgery be done without taking Lapron?

Hi there, I am facing a laparoscopic mastectomy in a few months to take out one 12cm fibroid that is sitting at the lowest part of my uterus. I am okay about having the surgery, I welcome it. I very hesitant about the medication that my doctor has prescribed to me leading up to the surgery – Lapron. From everything that I have read and all of the videos I have watched and websites I have read – it sounds very scary and the side effects are not something I am interested in. I am 32 years old, married, never had a child and don’t want children. I would like to preserve my uterus if possible, but wonder if this surgery can be done without taking Lapron? I understand it helps shrink the fibroid, yet I have a lot of stress at work right now and I worry that it will very negatively affect my mood/ruin my sometimes strained marriage, I don’t want to lose my hair or gain more weight. I don’t have unbearable periods, so is it possible to speak with my surgeon and let her know how uncomfortable I am taking this drug? Are there any alternatives? Can this surgery be done without taking Lapron? I am in Canada too, not too sure if that affects your answer. Thank you.

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