I am a 44 years old female and fractured my coccygeal vertebra?

I am a 44 years old female and fractured my coccygeal vertebra 26 years ago. I did not have any pain after my fracture had healed but ever since May 2015 I am suffering from coccygeal vertebra pain. I had a MRI/NMR test in 2016 which displayed chronic inflammation of the coccygeal vertebra soft tissue. For the past two years, I have received shockwave therapy, super laser therapy, acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese and western medicine therapy. None of which worked. In september 2015, I’ve also suffered from anal pain and i found relief in coccygeal vertebra and anal pain whilst lying down on my sides. Since september 2016, my hips became sore and tender due to sleeping on my sides. Now I cannot lie down, sit or stand for long periods of time, which had severely affected my sleep. The hospital examined my hip, legs, groin, lower abdomen, pubic symphysis pain and suggested myofascial lesions (aseptic inflammation). What are some possible treatments?


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