Both sides of my face, eyes and nose twitch (convulsive movement), what should I do?


I am a 20 girl .
I have a problem. Both sides of my face near the nose to the eyes twitch a lot, my nose twitches as well, my eyes aslo twitch.I have that in 8 years .Recently, i went to many neurologists in vietnam.but i recieved different results.The one said that i have face tics .The other one said that i had blephorspam.I have the blood test already to make sure that i dont lack of : magie or kalie,…The result of my blood test is normal, nothing problem in this.I have drank medecine in 3 months but it is still not better at all.I read on the internet that boxtox can help my problem.Can doctor tell me what kind of my problem, do i need to have mrai, and in my situation, can boxtox help .I dont have stress, when i am relax, it is aslo twitch
Thank you doctor a lot

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