I’ve been sick for over 4 years. I have stomach pain, cramps, diarrhea, mild constipation, mild headache, mild nausea, fatigued?

I am 53 year male, I’ve been sick for over 4 years. I have stomach pain, cramps, diarrhea, mild constipation, mild headache, mild nausea, fatigued. I’ve seen several doctors and had 2 endoscopy 2 colonoscopies had my organs check and my brain, and everything seems normal. I now believe i might have a parasite in my intestines


I am 15yrs old and having period trouble, cramps, separate hymen, Please help!

I am 15yrs old and having period trouble. When I first got my period (when I was 12) I just used pads, and I had pain but it wasn’t so bad. So one day comes along when I have to go swimming and I have my period,my mom gave me a tampon and told me to just stick it up there. I tried but I couldn’t, I assumed I was doing something wrong and gave up. My periods just kept getting more painful as the months passed, they now are at a steady pain. I have come up with a way to numb the pain but the first day is the worst I am literally curled up in fetal position in terrible pain,I take pain relievers and 80% dark chocolate,spinach,bananas, and blueberries as they are supposed to help. And they do eventually, after the first day its just sharp sporadic cramping and heavy bleeding. AND the blood is the worst, if I take a shower and stand in a towel for like 5 minutes there is blood trickling down my legs, and its ridiculous.
I am very active and eat healthily, I decided to try tampons out again because wearing a pad and running and dancing is the worst, but after watching several videos and trying several times the tampon would not go in, and my v looked different from the pictures, so I finally came across what is called a separate hymen, and after researching and looking down there I think I have it, but how can I be sure without going to a doctor? This is very personal to me and I don’t feel comfortable discussing this with any family members…yet. Do you think a separate hymen and period pain would go hand in hand? Is there any way to break the hymen yourself? (I am a virgin btw) Or do you have to have surgery? Also is it normal to still have cramps even after your period? Because I have cramps like 2 weeks before and after my period, they are not crippling or anything but it still hurts. No one else in my family has painful periods.. Please help!

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