Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, developed an swelling/growth around the vagina?

I’m 31. Have had 3 children, youngest turns 5 soon. Diagnosed with UC mild to moderate in Dec, been in flare since June before diagnosis. Have had cartilage removed from right hip due to severe labral tears in 2009, 2 surgical screws in greater tronchanter region from that surgery. Currently taking pentasa 500mgx4 daily, buscopan 10mg as needed, ketorolac tromethamine if needed only after meals, cloxcillan (can’t remember name) antibiotic for mastitis 4x daily 2nd week ends this Friday. Prednisone 30mg daily started yesterday and tapering by 10mg weekly until finished. Probiotic daily.
While in hospital end of August when I had my colonoscopy and was later diagnosed with UC, I developed an swelling/growth around the vagina entrance that stretches up to and partially around my urethra. It is not as bortholin gland cyst as I have had them before and this does not affect the labia or move inside my vagina as I found out after a Pap smear which came back clear. There is no pain, itching, tenderness or smell. There is however redness and my vaginal discharge had changed to a permanent clear stretchy kind like you get when ovulating but no smell or colour. Antifungal and steroidal creams done nothing and while on prednisone no change as have had it before.