I feel pain at center upper of the abdominal and between two ribs?

i feel pain at center upper of the abdominal and between two ribs, especially when too much intake any iron, meat, gastric, ..while breathing in morning when getup
difficulty in breathing, when gastric/Gas stuck when releases/gas pain disappear for that time, when periods …. i have inflammation too sometime.

i want to know whether its liver pain ,stomach pain .. i have gall stones also .. max 1.8mm i am taking proper treatment but some doctors say its stomach pain some say gall stones …what kind of pain is it . . just tell the reason to have this pain which i have since many years now increased ,i have little bit infection in stomach mouth and in gall bladder tell the reason of pain which happens upper center of the abdominal where liver and stomach are consist .

secondly, i experienced allergies in body and face when ever i take any supplements its happend two times badly ,why it happens by supplement i can’t take it? and ESR also increased by 90 . what’s the reason to have allergies when taking supplements, just after one week of drugs got allergy, why with supplements it happens nothing else reason of allergies i have make medical text too.