I have terrible bone pain and muscle spasms, is it due to Celiac disease or other condition?

Hello, i am female 27 years old. after a months of terrible bone pain and muscle spasms i was diagnosed with celiac disease. But 3 weeks after diagnose, my control blood work showed low leukocytes (3,6). One month before it was 5.1! Is there something to worry about? I am really concerned since i have terrible bone pain, i am on gluten free diet only 14 days. I know that bone pain is quite common for silent celiac disease but i am worried it might be cancer also. My alkaline phosfate was in normal range (0,89). My calcium was month ago low (2,07) and now is normal (2,42) but such increasing is worrying me it might be osteosarcoma or multiple myeloma. I have to say that my bones hurts all over the body. Sometimes fingers (hands) sometimes long leg bones. I am low on D vitamin, my B12 wasnt checked. Thank you so much!!!

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