I have ED issues and experience pain during orgasm?

I have ED issues, cannot get fully erect.
I have blood pressure issues and m on medication for it but I slowly started having erection issues. before I was on the medication.

I can come to an orgasm of sorts but when I do I have pain in my inner thighs at the time of orgasm.
The pain goes away in a second or 2.

Is there anything I can do or a medication available to help with the pain at orgasm?
As far as the ED I have tried the common pills from my doctor, viagra, cilalis, etc they works somewhat at first but got to where they no longer do. If there is a treatment for that I would be happy but at the least I would like to not have pain at orgasm.
I eject no semen by the way, Is it “going the wrong way”?

Age: 59
Medications: Tresiba – metformin – Glemepiride – asprin – atorvastatin – lisinapril – carvedilol – gabapentin