I have gastric problems with itching and breathing problems, getting worse?

2 months back, at night I faced severe stomach ache in the middle of my stomach. My mom thought at first it was due to gastric problems and gave me the medicine but it didn’t work. I tried passing excreta and after a lot of attempts it passed, and I was expecting my pain to reduce by then but it got severe. My dad gave me some pain killer for stomach ache and then finally it reduced. After 2 weeks or so, I again faced the same problem and I took the same tab again and the pain reduced again. It repeated the same way after 3 weeks and I took the medicine but this time it didn’t reduce. After some time, I drank a little ajwain in water and it reduced a little and slowly disappeared. The next day, I got the same pain.
When my stomach had pained for the first time, my whole body had started itching and I had allergy tablet and it reduced for 2-3 days, but it started again. Currently the itching isn’t much, but whenever it itches, the small part of skin in that place swells and turns red like how it happens when a mosquito bites.
Since few days, I am even suffering from back pain and lower abdominal pain, in the absence of stomach pain and I even face breathing difficulties since few months. At the beginning I wasn’t able to breath in absence of wind, but now I feel suffocated more.
I even feel very hungry at times, my stomach gets hot and it won’t get even half filled despite eating a lot of things and I feel a little weakness in my arms and legs. Can you please tell me what might be the problem?