I have Tinnitus, severe post-nasal drip, yellow mucus and dislocated jaw?

I’m a 19 year old girl and my medical symptoms are not letting me live a normal life. Unfortunately, even though I’ve seen many doctors and took (and am taking) different medication, no one is able to tell me what’s going on and no of the medication is really working.
Everything started around 8 years ago, when I started getting something that is called Tinnitus. I can’t listeen to loud sounds of any kind, because instead of any sound all I can hear is a combination of crackles and sizzles, similar to electricity, plastic bags and sparklers. This is not my main problem right now as I got used to it, was it only marked the beginning of problems with my ears, sinuses and teeth (which as my dentist told me can all be connected).
I’ve been experiencing severe post-nasal drip for more than a year now and that’s what is bugging me the most. Everyday after waking up I have to spend 10 minutes in my bathroom to cough the yellow mucus, which I can see is appearing on my throat from sinuses. During the day as I take medication I can also have the feeling of not being able to breath because of this disease. I’m really depressed because of it and it makes my life horrible.
The last issue concerns my jaw. It has changed its’ location about 5mm to the right and now my chin is not under my nose. My face is also assymetrical, which is very visible on photos. I’ve had this issue for a year now.
I know it’s hard to tell me anybthing without seeing me in person, but every advice is so important for me as I’m very desperate and I want to be finally cured.
Ps. I’m from Poland and currently I am taking medications such as Pronasal, Clatra and Erdomed