I started having intense sharp constant pain behind my right eye, right temple area, and backside of the right side of my head?

I’m male 24 years old. I started having intense sharp constant pain behind my right eye, right temple area, and backside of the right side of my head. It started in early September about once a week for the first 3 weeks. Then I started having the intense sharp pain every other day. And now it’s EVERY DAY. It’s a very intense sharp constant and persistent pain. It gets very painful during the nighttime. I went to go get it checked out when it started occurring every other day. The doctor asked what my symptoms were. Symptoms: intense pain on the right side of my head behind my eye, right temple, and backside of right side of head. I DONT have any other symptoms like vomiting, light sensitivity, etc. Just pain in my head.

My doctor prescribed me fioricet and didn’t do anything. She had me get a CT scan which ended up showing nothing. After that she prescribed sumatriptan which had little effect. Then I had an MRI done. The MRI showed I had a little bit of sinuses on the left side of my head (kind of near my eye brow). She said it was probably unrelated to my head pains but she prescribed me 2 weeks of antibiotics (amoxicillin/clave potassium 875mg) for the sinuses anyway; and decided to refer me to a neurologist for my head pain.

Once I started taking the antibiotics my head pain basically all but went away. 12 out of the 14 days I took the antibiotics I was pain free. 2 days of the 14 days I still had pain. But once I ran out of the antibiotics the miserable intense sharp pains came back… so I made other appointment to see if I could get some more of the antibiotics. It took 6 days after I ran out (which was this last Monday) to get into my appointment. I told her the antibiotics had a huge effect leaving me pain free 12 out of the 14 days when I took them. She said that was really good and that I probably just needed to be on the antibiotic longer to completely eliminate my symptoms.

So this last Monday she prescribed me 3 weeks of the same antibiotic with the same dosage. I started taking them Monday night. It’s now Wednesday night and the antibiotics are having no effect on me whatsoever now. My head pain is still very intense. I don’t understand why. I originally thought I had cluster headaches, but she prescribed me fioricet and sumatriptan and they didn’t work. Then I thought the sinuses that showed up on my MRI scan was linked my head pain since the pain went away first time I took the antibiotics. But now, for whatever reason the antibiotics aren’t working. I still have my neurologist appointment on November 30th.

What’s wrong with me?

What causes intense sharp 10 out of 10 pains on the right side of head behind right eye, right temple, and right side of back of head?

I’ve had this for almost 3 months now. I’m only 24. It’s so agonizing and exhausting. I’ve been taking Tylenol everyday. It’s effecting my everyday life.

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