I’ve had a left kidney stone in the last 2 months removed surgically?

I’ve had a left kidney stone in the last 2 months was removed surgically. But for the last week I’ve been in pain in my right lower near my right kidney, if I press down on my tummy I can feel like a bruising sort of pain, if I push down. Been taking paraceatamol and tramadol for the pain, but doesn’t help that much!

– urinating fine, no discomfort or going more then usually.


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I have been diagnosed with three kidney stone?

Hey doc… I have been diagnosed with three kidney stone…. been through two sonography… I don’t want any surgery or lithotripsy … I am on local meds… i.e. alfuzosin and drotin-m…. the stones are moving… first sonography report says I had two stones in my kidney and one was in ureter.The second sonography report said one stone is at lower part of ureter that is at the opening of bladder and the second one is at upper part of ureter and third one is in kidney still.my questions goes like…How long will it take the stone to get dropped into the bladder and are meds fine for me?