My ligaments are cracking, grinding, painful – Rice Krispie Sounds – what do I have?

On 8/4/15 my body totally changed and I have been sick with my main complaint of Rice Krispie sounds everywhere in my joints, joint instability, neck pain, knee pain, and headaches and recently raynauds. I have had a neck/knee X-ray, visit to neurologist and rheumatologist and orthopedist. The only diagnosis I have received was loose ligaments. My feet and area behind my knees cramps and I’m getting worse. My ana and RF is negative, my sed rate is 2 and no C-reactive protein issues. Initial Lyme test was positive but immublot was negative. About to check into the mayo clinic I’m so baffled and feel like my head might fall off my neck. I can turn my head in a repeated direction and get disabling pain and grinding/popping.Tylenol does not help the pain. I have some neurological symptoms including no “wow” during an orgasm and had period of extreme stress Past Two years. Since ruling out lupus, RA? Maybe adrenal issue?? I’m so frustrated I just want this “named!”

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