My ligaments are cracking, grinding, painful – Rice Krispie Sounds – what do I have?

On 8/4/15 my body totally changed and I have been sick with my main complaint of Rice Krispie sounds everywhere in my joints, joint instability, neck pain, knee pain, and headaches and recently raynauds. I have had a neck/knee X-ray, visit to neurologist and rheumatologist and orthopedist. The only diagnosis I have received was loose ligaments. My feet and area behind my knees cramps and I’m getting worse. My ana and RF is negative, my sed rate is 2 and no C-reactive protein issues. Initial Lyme test was positive but immublot was negative. About to check into the mayo clinic I’m so baffled and feel like my head might fall off my neck. I can turn my head in a repeated direction and get disabling pain and grinding/popping.Tylenol does not help the pain. I have some neurological symptoms including no “wow” during an orgasm and had period of extreme stress Past Two years. Since ruling out lupus, RA? Maybe adrenal issue?? I’m so frustrated I just want this “named!”

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12:34 pm

Hi.. I have gone through your complaints and understand your concern. U seem to have undergone almost all the necessary tests required. Such complaints are usually seen in sero negative arthopathy. .which means a disease in which all blood tests of arthritis are negative but still you will get these grinding feels and pain all over the body. This may also be associated some neurological and anxiety issue. U can get a whole body dexa scan and mri to see any other local bony pathologies like vertebral disc problems or synovitis etc. Adrenal ussue..well seems unlikely..but you can confirm it… Read more »

Ayman Darrag
1:14 pm

Hi … According to the data you have said about the symptoms and signs you are complaining of, and the normal investigations results until the moment, your symptoms (joint instability,ligament laxity and pains+ raynaud’s )these symptoms are commonly seen in Ehler danlos syndrome which is a genetic connective tissue disorder that causes defects in connective tissue and collagen of joints,bones,ligaments skin and vessels but there is one symptom you did not mention so we can still not confirm that unless you do the investigations stated by DR Mahaveer. stress also can cause that no “wow” in orgasm so it would… Read more »

Domina Zluf
1:31 pm

Sounds like a connective tissue disorder. Certain autoimmune diseases can attack connective tissues. Disorders are sometimes triggered by environmental toxins or some kind of new element in your environment.