I’m 19 and losing my hair…why?

I’m a female, 19, and over the last couple of months my hair has started to thin a lot at the front. Sometimes is happens to where a small patch is nearly bald. I have tried everything to stop it from happening but nothing as worked. Why is this happening?

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Ayman Darrag
6:55 pm

This is likely due to malnutrition, u dont just have to use medications to treat it or locally treat your hair…but you need to treat it from inside , your hair must get enough vitamins,minerals and nutrition from your body…
try Making these foods is on daily basis in your Meals…
Chicken,Mushrooms,Salmon,Strawberries,Almonds,pumpkin seeds,beans…
Eat a daily salad plate full of greens.
also all types of fruits are beneficial for you…
If you have any other symptoms please let me know so we can figure out if you need lab investigations.

Ayman Darrag
7:09 pm

Please Pay attention to the following : hair loss has different causes, varies from thyroid gland dysfunction ,stress,life style, and even your hair style could trigger the hair loss this way as shown in your picture…
please notice any other symptoms if present and state it …pay attention to the way you brush your hair,and the style you keep it on.

5:43 am

this may occur due to scalp infection or any major illness that you may have had in recent past.
other common reason for hairfall at such a young age is severe hormonal changes and deficiency of vitamins.
get thyroid tests done. start on vitamin E tablets and healthy high protein,carbohydrate foods.
dry fruits,green vegetables and vitamin supplements will help.