After car accident….29 year old losing memory?

My friend had an car accident few months ago he had many injuries but now he had recovered all his physical injuries but he is mentally injured very badly he had forgot all the things of past even he didn’t recognize me when i met him what to do now please help me his age is around 29

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Ayman Darrag
6:47 pm

This is called Post Traumatic retrograde Amnesia
As people get better from their head injuries, long-term memories tend to return. However, memories tend to return like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. these bits and pieces return in random order
Let him Work with a Specialist in Memory–One of the most important things is to get help from people who specialize in head injury. Every head injury program has a specialist who teaches memory strategies

5:40 am

he seems to have had internal brain injury during the accident. due to this, the brain cells that are meant to function to remember things,may have been damaged,temporarily or pemanently.
brain cells once damaged,are very hard to recover and if they recover, it happens very slowly. it usually takes 9-12 months to heal them naturally.
u can consult a neurologist and get his mri/ct brain and EEG and start mesicines according to the reports.