I feel people looking at me – it plays on my mind?

Before I start I want to make it clear I’m not depressed !! I feel anxious and worried all the time. At home if anyone raises their voice to me I get really upset and it’s getting worst. When I have to go somewhere i get really anxious, I want to get sick my chest hurts and I start to cry when I get there I’m okay if I don’t have to speak but feel like people are looking me, when I do speak or part take in anything when I get home it plays on my mind that I did something wrong and people don’t like me. I take everything to heart now and I know I’m getting worst as in don’t want to leave the house in case something bad happens, I don’t like talking to people now

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5:31 am

you are definitely not depressed.
but you are very sensitive at heart and thats the reason for all these complaints. you should look to take things lightly and should not get hurt so early. being so much sensitive emotionally is not good.
try and be strong. all the worries in this world and temporary,nothing is permanent. so dont be afraid of anything,anyone.
just chill,relax and do what you love doing the most. cultivate your hobbies, socialise.