I have a repetitive menstrual cycle, fever, headaches and feel dizzy?

My menstrual cycle finished on the third of September an came back the fifteen it then stopped on the twenty an came back the next day an is still happening..I’ve been stressing a lot so am wondering if its because of that an I’ve had this fever from around a week ago I constantly have minor headaches an feeling dizzy..can someone please help me out an tell me if I’ve caught some type of disease or something.

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5:27 am

such symptoms occur due to hormonal changes in your body that commonly result out of stress.
you need to de-stress yourself by yoga,meditation and doing things that you love doing.
fever,headaches and dizziness can also be caused due to pelvic inflammation. you can get a usg abdomen done to see if anythings wrong.
otherwise, there is nothing to worry. you will be fine in a few days.