I breastfeed my baby, worried that my exposure to battery acid may be harmful to me and my baby?

Hello .
I don’t know if you can help me. I have a bit of a strange question I was hoping to receive some advice about.
I apologize if it seems a bit random.
I have a disposable camera which I have kept in my bedside drawer for years and years and never got it developed. I noticed today that inside the flash compartment it looks wet and on the outer casing where it joins I think there are wet small patches.i just feel concerned as I’m not sure if it is leaked from an old battery inside or another substance that might be toxic.i read online that battery acid is carcinogenic and it just concerns me that with it being in my drawer for years this substance could have been repeatedly getting on my clothes. My worry is that I breastfeed my baby so I’m more concerned for her if she has come into contact with this on her mouth or anything as my bras are in this drawer and that it could be a repeated exposure.
Is there any advice you can give me on this as my big fear is something like this causing cancer ,
Many thanks.

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