I breastfeed my baby, worried that my exposure to battery acid may be harmful to me and my baby?

Hello .
I don’t know if you can help me. I have a bit of a strange question I was hoping to receive some advice about.
I apologize if it seems a bit random.
I have a disposable camera which I have kept in my bedside drawer for years and years and never got it developed. I noticed today that inside the flash compartment it looks wet and on the outer casing where it joins I think there are wet small patches.i just feel concerned as I’m not sure if it is leaked from an old battery inside or another substance that might be toxic.i read online that battery acid is carcinogenic and it just concerns me that with it being in my drawer for years this substance could have been repeatedly getting on my clothes. My worry is that I breastfeed my baby so I’m more concerned for her if she has come into contact with this on her mouth or anything as my bras are in this drawer and that it could be a repeated exposure.
Is there any advice you can give me on this as my big fear is something like this causing cancer ,
Many thanks.

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Dr. Javez Ernesto

The major danger with battery leaks is acid. Acid is corrosive. Acid can burn and create rashes. But if you wash everything well and there is no contact between the acid and your (or baby’s) skin or eyes, and there has been no rashes or burns, then there has been no contact and there should be no problems.

Ayman Darrag
7:17 am

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
Your concerns are right but it does not seem you need to worry..the leaked substance is usually not travelling outside the battery socket..and it is not going to touch your clothes easily..you would have noticed a colored stain over them .no worries

Ahmed Fawzy
8:08 am

Breast feeding will protect your baby even if it happened to come in contact with your bra ,your baby is safe
To make sure check for signs of rash on your skin or any unexplained fever for your baby

10:07 am

Thank you for your reply.i am just worried that small amounts could of been transfered say into her mouth without me noticing and it could have been a repeated exposure. Cancer is my main concern over all of this.

Domina Zluf
1:45 pm

No need to worry. Studies and statistics you read on the Internet apply to Long term exposure to sulfuric acid mists in the work place. (and not all studies were conclusive). This does not apply to you.

8:30 pm

Thanks for all the answers I do feel better. My main concern was that what if the acid had got on to my bra and then my breast which my baby would feed off of ? I worried it could of been swallowed repeated times over the 16 months I have been feeding her . This is what I worry could of damaged her cells and I feel so concerned about cancer. The substance seems to be clear and doesn’t leave a stain could it be something else from the camera which is carcinogenic? I’m just scare I don’t know… Read more »

9:41 pm

Thank you for your replies. It has helped to ask your advice.
I do just panic that over the 16 months I have been feeding her she could have come into contact with the substance repeated times if it is something carcinogenic is that a concern? I can’t be 100 per cent sure it’s battery acid that was just my guess as I don’t know what’s inside a disposable camera. It seems to be a clear type of liquid coming out?

Dr. B. Lewis
11:49 pm

Don’t worry Claire, everything will be fine. You are worried. And that’s OK. A mother always worries.
In this case, the chances that some kind of residual liquid entered your baby’s system is extremely – EXTREMELY- minute. Even if it did, it probably had no effect whatsoever, quantities were negligible, and probably not a cancer agent at all.. A baby’s immune system is much, much stronger than you think. Your baby will grow up just fine.