I have been experiencing nausea and vomiting almost daily?

For over 2 years I have been experiencing nausea and vomiting almost daily, it is worst on the morning and is not related to the type of food I eat although it is made worse by eating.

I have had endoscopy which is clear no ulcers no reflux.
Helicobacter negative.

And the gastroenterologist are leaving me with no answers.

I am taking 40mg omeprazol twice a day. To no effect although causing side effect of diarrhoea.

What else,could possibly be causing my symptoms and what should I do now?


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I have nausea and been vomiting for a month. Mental or Physical problem?

Hi, I’ve been having nausea and have been vomiting for a month or so now. It first started with what I think was gastric when my stomach would hurt if I didn’t eat, to loss of appetite and now constant nausea and vomiting. When I smell strong smells like food, cigarettes or even when I’m in a public toilet I get nausea and then I vomit. But just recently I have been lightheaded, very tired, irritable and have been breaking down a lot more emotionally. Is this something to do with my mental health? Or is there something wrong?

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