I am 21, do I need a Pap smear test?

Lately I have been having weird discharge and I’m worried. At first my discharge changed to being heavy and watery with a weird odor then just dry and uncomfortable meaning I stopped having a discharge. Now it heavy once again with the same odor. I did go to a doctor yesterday and was offered a Pap smear exam but because of my fears and backed out. Initially I believed I had a yeast infection so that’s what I told the doctor and because I didn’t want to do the Pap smear he just decided to give me a one dose medication for a yeast infection. However today I’m not so sure I made the right decision. I have noticed a change in my discharge since taking the pill, however when I went to the bathroom and wiped a noticed a brown streak in my discharge. I immediately start to panic and reading up on YouTube only increased my fears. I am honestly worried sick.. to the point of breaking down. I need some advice before i approach my sister. P.S My period started 14 days ago (last for 7 days). Also, noticed that I barely ever get aroused and when I do I don’t get “wet”. 21 year old virgin. I would have mentioned a lot of these things to my doctor but he was so fast paced, somewhat in a hurry that I forgot. Help me.


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