Was diagnosed by the doctors as “Periproctic abscess over 9 o’clock in SSL”?

I am a mariner by profession and presently posted onboard ship trading in ports of Europe.

I had a abscess in my anus area, and got operated in port of Germany, on 20.02.2017. It was diagnosed by the doctors as “Periproctic abscess over 9 o’clock in SSL”.

Post surgery, one Cutimed Sorbact 2×50 cm (Tamponade: Ribbon Gauge) was put in the operated wound area, and same was removed and replaced by the doctors on 21.02.2017. They further advised to change the “Cutimed Sorbact” within next 2-4 days by any medical practitioner, and discharged me from hospital.

Now I am at sea, approaching for next port Amsterdam. I am likely to have opportunity to visit doctor on arrival in port on 28.02.2017.

Please Note:
“Cutimed Sorbact” 2×50 cm (Tamponade: Ribbon Gauge) was last changed by the doctor on 21.02.2017.

Please advice on below questionnaire:
1. Is that OK to visit doctor for changing “Cutimed Sorbact” after 7 days on 28.02.2017….?
2. Is there any harm or risk involved by this 7 days period…?
3. Is it possible, that the “Cutimed Sorbact” would release automatically within this time period…?
4. Can I remove and change the “Cutimed Sorbact” by myself…?

I am little worried, as I am out at sea without a proper medical assistance. However, we do have a small hospital and medical equipment onboard, and could find a way out as per your advice on my above questionnaire.

Thanks & Best Regards,