Was diagnosed by the doctors as “Periproctic abscess over 9 o’clock in SSL”?

I am a mariner by profession and presently posted onboard ship trading in ports of Europe.

I had a abscess in my anus area, and got operated in port of Germany, on 20.02.2017. It was diagnosed by the doctors as “Periproctic abscess over 9 o’clock in SSL”.

Post surgery, one Cutimed Sorbact 2×50 cm (Tamponade: Ribbon Gauge) was put in the operated wound area, and same was removed and replaced by the doctors on 21.02.2017. They further advised to change the “Cutimed Sorbact” within next 2-4 days by any medical practitioner, and discharged me from hospital.

Now I am at sea, approaching for next port Amsterdam. I am likely to have opportunity to visit doctor on arrival in port on 28.02.2017.

Please Note:
“Cutimed Sorbact” 2×50 cm (Tamponade: Ribbon Gauge) was last changed by the doctor on 21.02.2017.

Please advice on below questionnaire:
1. Is that OK to visit doctor for changing “Cutimed Sorbact” after 7 days on 28.02.2017….?
2. Is there any harm or risk involved by this 7 days period…?
3. Is it possible, that the “Cutimed Sorbact” would release automatically within this time period…?
4. Can I remove and change the “Cutimed Sorbact” by myself…?

I am little worried, as I am out at sea without a proper medical assistance. However, we do have a small hospital and medical equipment onboard, and could find a way out as per your advice on my above questionnaire.

Thanks & Best Regards,


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Ayman Darrag
10:09 pm

In these cases where infection is highly suspected,due to the area normally bacterial so the dressing should be changed on daily basis and the area cleaned and sterilized .
You can change it yourself if you can do good woung care.
7 days is soon long .and increases infection possibility.

Ahmed Fawzy
10:21 pm

No1 : 7 days Is too long (not okay)
No2 : it lose its effect after 4 days or less
No3: yes it can release on its own and it will be a bad sign
No4 : changing it is easy you can look it up on youtube
Good Luck

4:50 am

anal abscesses contain high number of bacterogens and the dressings need to be changed within 48 hours if not daily.

Betadine,savlon and mupirocin creams can be used for dressings.
This can be done yourself or a health assistant.

Dr.Honey Arora
8:33 am

Getting the dressing changed in a 7 days time can itself be a cause of infection at the site of surgery, so it will be better to get it changed daily or atleast every alternate day..

You can change it on your own only if you have the expertise to follow proper aseptic precautions..

It will be better that as of now first you should go to your surgeon and get the dressing changed and if not possible you can consult an emergency service..

If placed properly it will not come off on its own..

Hope this helps..

Masr Fawzy
1:23 am

Regarding your question

This is a v long time to wait…and possibility of abcess accumulation up to septicemia can take place

Do it by yourself .. it’s easy, or u can make the doctor on board helps u

Best regards