I’ve just turned 40 and have advanced glaucoma started having confused episodes?

I’ve just turned 40 and have advanced glaucoma. I am taking Duotrav. The minute I started taking it I became very tired, then started having confused episodes. My weight was jumping around, I’d eat 1000 calories in a day and gain 2 or 3 pounds. Been on it 10 weeks. I’ve now got swollen feet, knees and thighs. It is getting worse, this morning I pulled an empty wheelie bin 15 metres and became out of breath and dizzy. My chest felt tight too. It has gone now, but I can’t see my opthalmologist for a few days. A few weeks ago, I had a sudden attack where I felt like the room was spinning violently and I ended up on the floor in a cold sweat.
Is this a medical emergency or should I just wait and see my opthalmologist? I live a long way from the nearest hospital and it would take a lot of energy to travel to it, but I have children and don’t want to risk my health.
I was fit before I started on this medicine, I ran a marathon less than 4 months ago.
The medication I take for my advanced glaucome is Duotrav, I also take cod liver oil, 200mg of ferrous sulphate, a multi vitamin and 5000iu of vit D3. I’m 5ft 4in and I weigh around 145 pounds. I have pre-diabetes. I had asthma as a child, but grew out of it.

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Ayman Darrag
9:56 pm

It is not duotrav who is causing your symptoms ,in my opinion you could be suffering a hormonal disorder specially thyroid disorder ,get a Thyroid profile done..
Note also that one of the rare symptoms of duotrav is it may mask symptoms of hypoglycemia in a rare population..although most of its side effects are localized to the eyes..also another test for blood sugar is necessary ..
Feel better soon ..

Ahmed Fawzy
10:05 pm

In my opinion you can not wait, I recommend going to the hospital, you are having very bad side effects
Good Luck

4:47 am

yes,this does seem to be a side effect of the medicines that you are taking.
you need titration of the doses or may be change of a drug.
You should not neglect this.
consult your doctor immediately.

Dr.Honey Arora
8:21 am

You should consult an Emergency room as the symptoms that you are facing does not look simply due to side effect of medication and you need to get a proper clinical evaluation so that the cause can be ruled out..

It should not be delayed..


Masr Fawzy
1:29 am

It’s not the drug, do random blood sugar… …urgently

And yes , go to hospital…