My right hand and foot have been numb I can’t move and it’s painful?

I am a 24 year old female college student, I am a bit over weight but losing. I have no serious physical health problems, no diabetes or anything. I do sometimes get lower back pain, right shoulder pain and other aches and pains in my legs and have broken a few of my fingers in different ways from being clumsy. The past two weeks my right hand and foot have been numb. I can still feel hot and cold, but they have a strange tingling feeling that feels like when your foot falls asleep. I tried to do some stretching, and since I thought it was a pinched nerve I was doing some stretches to relieve that. This has only made it worse, it has turned from feeling just numb and uncomfortable to feeling tight and painful. Over my ribs on the same side (right) feels really tight, so combined with my leg and shoulder/arm, it feels like I can’t move and it’s painful to do anything. It’s only progressively gotten worse since it started. I’m not sure what I should do to get help with this problem, should I call my doctor, go to a chiropractor, or go to the emergency room?