My husband occasionally wakes up with his face a little puffy?

My husband occasionally wakes up with his face a little puffy. It doesn’t stay puffy long. No redness or no other symptoms He has no other medical issues. I’m worried. Could it be a brain tumor? He doesn’t want to go see the doctor. He works night time shift. Been working a lot lately. doesn’t sleep much

Medications: He takes cholestoral med. and ecitalopram

Question: I have a weird problem… whole face becomes swollen and red

I am a female, aged 27 years, I have a weird problem where on the my left eye, below the eye brows, the whole portion gets swollen and looks red in color. This happens every other day and it pains a lot. It slowly radiates to whole face, hand and and pains starkly.
I got the CT scan, MRI scan done for the brain and also, did the CT scan with contrast and they concentrated on the left lobe is what I understood. There also, the doctors could not diagnose anything but they say, yes, the portion is “swollen”.
Some doctors said, it is migraine and put me on sibelium tablets. Nothing seems to work.
FYI: I have thyroid issue from 5 years, and I am on the tablet Thyrox/Eltroxin 125 mcg everyday. Apart from this, I do not have any other pre-disease situation.
Please guide me, what should be done now.

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