Question: Typhoid attacks …fever…bad health?

I’m a male of 39 yrs of age. From my early childhood I’ve history of frequent typhoid attacks. (Roughly 6 times up to now) Very recently in late march also I became victim of typhoid. Since then up to now (sept-4th) I feel “Sensitivity” in my lower abdomen. Whenever I do tough physical or mental jobs, it becomes a bit serious. While taking rest it subsides. After every effort of a little hard work, I feel headache, heaviness of head, and increased sensitivity in my lower abdomen. Sometimes it gets serious when I am hungry.There is generally a sensation of “dry” pharynx also. Plus for these 5 months after march typhoid attack I’ve felt that I have not completely landed on “health”. A small feeling of “bad health” always persists.(This period included some serious mental works for me till sometime back) Is this complication of typhoid?? How to heal it?? Plz suggest me a way out.
One strange thing about my typhoid- for past 4-5 yrs, I’ve had 3 attacks of it and surprisingly, in each case temp hardly rises above 98.80 C. Rest symptoms-my doctor says- conform to typhoid. My doctor says due to change in lifestyles in cities; diseases have also changed their nature.

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Question: I have Typhoid since last 15 days

Hi, I have Typhoid since last 15 days. Earlier my doctor treated me for viral and when no signs of improvement were seen I was given a course of typhoid medication which lasted 1 week with little improvement like earlier I used to have fever around 100-103 all day and I had to take a Dolo 650 every 5 hrs to keep it down. Now I take half Dolo 650 twice a day and the fever is also around 100.
My 3 days back widal test reports show that
Typhi o – 1/160
Typhi h- 1/160
Ah- 1/80
Bh- 1/40
My earlier reports were the same that were taken 10 days back, just the AH value was 1/40.
I think the doctor is just trying to mint money from me as he working in the hospital and I have to visit him because I was admitted last month for hemolysis due to medicinal reaction caused by g6pd deficiency in blood. I think he is lootng me because the chemist told me that the new medicines given by him are better and I would see immediate relief.
Also, the doctor said we will admit him if he doesn’t gets well in 5 days.

The medicines in earlier prescription are
Omnapil 200- twice a day
Vsl3 bd – once a day
Oflox 200- twice a day

The medicine in newer prescription are-

Vencid Dsr- once a day
Oflin 200- twice a day
Ceftum 500 – twice a day

Please tell me is my treatment going right? I have heard that ciprofloxacin is given in typhoid so that the bacteria in gall bladder is killed and the Typhoid doesn’t come back again. Please tell me as this hospital has already taken a lot of money from me and now I cannot trust them woth my health as i feel they treat patients like costumers.

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