Question: Typhoid attacks …fever…bad health?

I’m a male of 39 yrs of age. From my early childhood I’ve history of frequent typhoid attacks. (Roughly 6 times up to now) Very recently in late march also I became victim of typhoid. Since then up to now (sept-4th) I feel “Sensitivity” in my lower abdomen. Whenever I do tough physical or mental jobs, it becomes a bit serious. While taking rest it subsides. After every effort of a little hard work, I feel headache, heaviness of head, and increased sensitivity in my lower abdomen. Sometimes it gets serious when I am hungry.There is generally a sensation of “dry” pharynx also. Plus for these 5 months after march typhoid attack I’ve felt that I have not completely landed on “health”. A small feeling of “bad health” always persists.(This period included some serious mental works for me till sometime back) Is this complication of typhoid?? How to heal it?? Plz suggest me a way out.
One strange thing about my typhoid- for past 4-5 yrs, I’ve had 3 attacks of it and surprisingly, in each case temp hardly rises above 98.80 C. Rest symptoms-my doctor says- conform to typhoid. My doctor says due to change in lifestyles in cities; diseases have also changed their nature.

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4:51 pm

To label you as suffering from typhoid.. u need to have fever above 100 F continuiosly for 7 to 10 days.
The feeling of bad health is due to generalised weakness u have due to frequent illness.
Raise ur immunity. .take immune boosters. .vitamin and calcium supplements.
Eat healthy and do exercises