We are in the jungles of Equatorial New Guinea and developed open sores and swollen legs?

I am a 25 year old female working in the jungles of Equatorial New Guinea as part of a research team. We had a fellow researcher develop some open sores and his leg swelled up about 4 times the original size. They gave him several antibiotics but nothing is workings. The swelling move into his testicles and he is now urinating blood. He is still conscious and has a good attitude but the doctors in Malabo can’t figure out what it is and he can’t fly by plane. They just medivacked him out to a German hospital today.

I too developed an open wound but I spoke up before it got too bad, as he waited 6 days before saying anything. I have been given an antibiotic and the wound has started getting crusty and seems to be healing after a couple days, but the swelling is not going down. I have attached a couple of pictures. My question is: should I get on a plane and go back to the United States where I could get some better medical help or should I give it a few days to see if it continues to heal. The redness around it doesn’t seem to be going away yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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