I started with fever, throat pain getting worse, worried my doctor not giving me right treatment

I’m a female 25 years old I’m normally healthy person. I started with fever on a Wednesday and severe headache. I went to the doctor they just gave me tylenol and ibuprofen. The next day I woke up with pain in my throat but I didn’t pay to much attention I was more worried with the fact that every 2 hours I was sweating and with fever. The next day, Friday it was bad . I wasn’t able to eat or to drink not even water. I started watching little white bumps in my throat. I went to the doctor again and now they added amoxicillin 500mg 3 times a day. I’m just worried they are not giving me the correct treatment or diagnostic . My throat pain is getting worst every hour. I can’t even drink or swallow the pills .i feel I’m swallowing nails please help me what’s wrong with me thank you