Question: Twins with Hydronephrosis, E. coli…need urography?

We have twin 18 years old sons (Robert & Anthony) & we are all british citizens living in Romania.
Last year Robert had a pain in his left side & after having an MRI scan with a contrast substance
was diagnosed as having Hydronephrosis in his left kidney due to a partially blocked ureter.
They said it was a defect from birth.
He had a laser operation on his ureter,a stent was inserted for 2 1/2 months.
This was removed in January this year, he has had no problems since so far.
The doctors did say that because he has a twin (Anthony) he also has most likely the same defect.
Anthony has had no problems & we were in the U.K. for the month of July.
The doctors here recommended that they both have a Urography done with contrasting substance.
When we mentioned that Anthony had a mild allergic reaction to penicillin whe he was a child
they would not do this Urography unless they both had a short course of drugs prior to this.
The drugs are Prednisone 5mg 10 @12hr before, 10 @ 7hr before & 10 @ 1hr before.
Tamalis 10mg 1 @ 12hr before & 1 @ 1hr before
Xyzal 5mg 1 @ 1hr before & 1 @ 1hr before
Famotida 40mg 1 @ 12hr before & 1 @ 1hr before
This seems so extreme to us
My wifes mother had Prednisone & she became ill & died, So she is totally against these drugs.
Now that we are back in Romania Anthony has said that his left side hurts a little bit now & again.
So we really want to check him over but as I said the doctors here will not do it without a precourse of drugs.
We have been to various allergists concerning Anthony.
I have paid for a private blood & urine tests & now he is not allergic to penicillin but now they say he has e coli.
All test/ analasis are done privately & with experience are not the most reliable.
They will not OK him for this simple urography.
Here in Romania the doctors are obsessed with antibiotics & medicines & we are so confused on what to do next.
I’m not sure how quickly we could get to see a doctor/urologist in England to have this Urograph done.
Anthony starts his final year of schooling here in 2 weeks & it is the hardest year for him.
Ironically next year starting September 2017 he wants to go to university in U.K.
If we can’t find anyone here then I intend to visit England for the urography.
Yours Sincerely,

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8:09 am

hi..i understand your concern.

1st thing is you should avoid giving them prednisone or any such steroids. its very harmful
there are many safer drugs that can be used.
i suggest you just take symptomtic treatment there and get urograph done in england. and depending on the report , you can decide the next course of treatment