Would my laminectomy of l5/s1 disk affect the disk above l4/l5 causing it to herniate?

37 y/o male active
2010 laminectomy l5/s1
11/28/16 facet blocks l4/l5
12/20/16-Tuesday was admitted to hospital with severe back pain with no known cause of injury.
Given diluated, Valium, gabapentin,
Epidural l4/l5 on thurday 12/22/16
Pain resolving having nerve pain/weakness down l4 nerve root.
My question is: would the laminectomy of l5/s1 disk affect the disk above l4/l5 causing it to herniated over time due to increase pressure placed on it from laminectomy

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Ayman Darrag
4:43 pm

In my opinion ..absolutely no..
There is no research that suggest that theory as the l5 s1 is below l4l5 so it is not causing pressure over it…
But the mechanical disturbance of the vertebral column after the laminectomy can cause disturbance of the movement mechanics in a way that causes the upper discs to be having the same pattern if the back muscles and abdominal muscles were not strenghted enough after the operation …

Ahmed Fawzy
6:55 pm

In my opinion no chance laminectomy can cause the above disc to herniate
However when you have a herniated disc there is always the above or below disk pulging or slightly herniated as well , by time it increased
In my opinion you solved the problem by doing laminectomy but did not treat the reason which is obviously anterior pelvic tilt + increases lumber lordosis

I recommend physical therapy to treat the cause (mechanicaly speaking ) instead of treating the end product problem

Good Luck

6:05 am

yes,due to a laminectomy,this part of the spine becomes comparatively weaker.
This in long term,causes increased pressure on the adjoining discs causing them to herniate at a later stage.
But this does not occur in all the laminectomy cases.
A lot depends on your lifestyle,and the care taken after initial laminectomy.
At our clinic,we have seen cases who have never had any problems after laminectomy.

Masr Fawzy
9:01 pm

I do not believe so,
I think you are having a independent problem in your spine,, may be related to the cause that yoy have done for it laminectomy

Please tell me why you primarily do laminectomy , what causes you spinal stenosis..
And if any investigations were done back then