Question: I look like a 12 year old child but am 19 years old?

Hello sir or mam. My name is (…) age 19. I have very small chest frame size and very very small hand bone size looks like a stick and also poor muscles.If you talk about diet.I take a good healthy diet and fruit also.I have tried everything sir every single thing like a good diet, workout, and every type of supplements like proteinex, mass gainer,enduramass.But I did not gained a single kg. My height is normal 5 feet 2 inches.I look so thin and despite my age I look like a 12 year old child.I feel ashamed.Is this a growth hormone deficiency problem? Can hgh injections cure me. Please help.

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Jean Claude
6:25 pm

HGH deficiency can be checked with a blood test. HGH injections are used with success to treat hgh deficiency. Your physical development is not ended but is at its later stages. Physical development in men continues well into their twenties.

5:57 am

yes it seems a congenital problem ,most probably growth hormone deficiency.
get hormonal assay done