Question: I’m completely debilitated when I’m sick, why?

I don’t get sick very often because I don’t go out my house much. But whenever I’m around someone who is sick, I almost always get it. Once I’m sick, I can’t leave my bed, the weakness and sore throats are crippling. Also every time I get sick I get horrible post nasal drip and chest congestion at night that leave me miserable. I see people who are sick all the time who go to work, and are out and about. They may not feel the greatest but they have the ability to get up. It feels like I’m completely debilitated when I’m sick. Why is this? Does it has something to do with the strength of my immune system.

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6:35 am

YES YOU ARE RIGHT… you are low on immune system.
take multi vitamin tablets and immune boosters, high protein diet. eat plenty of dry fruits