Question: Bad pain in my thoracic – orthopedic doctors baffled

Have pretty bad pain in my thoracic, neck too but thoracic is very bad. The pain goes through to my chest and this is on the left side. Have done stress test and EKG to rule out heart. Have done xrays AND MRIs and each area, lumbar, thoracic and cervical. I’m a 54 year old male and these images show not much more than degeneration of about a 60 year old. I also have some tingling on my left side and under my left armpit. Just had facets injections at T5-T7 with zero results. 12 years ago I had a herniated disk in low back, had epidural and has been relatively ok in low back. Occasional minor pain but nothing major. ALOT of pain in my thoracic near shoulder blade….worse when sitting or trying to reach up or behind my back. I’ve been to 3 different ortho doctors and all are somewhat baffled.

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6:50 am

U ARE SUFFERING FROM FIBROMYALGIA..get blood tests done. a local steroid injection shot will help