Question: Red eye after cornea transplant?

Hello, I have had a cornea transplant nearly 1 year ago, and had woke up 4 days ago with red eye in the treated eye, i have been to see my specialist who advised that its in the early stages of rejection and needs to be treated with steroid drops (Something in which I’m steroid receptive, meaning i also need to take another drop to reduce the pressure), but my concern at the moment, is i have extremely cloudy vision in that eye since the redness, should I be worried?

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Dr. J.B. Steiner
Dr. J.B. Steiner
4:31 pm

Not yet. Wait to see how the drops work out. Then consult with your ophthalmologist again

6:58 am

if its due to graft rejection then see if the steroid drops works.
if opacity increases and causes vision prblems, u need to get a new graft at a later stage