Question: Abnormal discharge during my pregnancy

Hi i am 24 years old . I am pregnant 22 weeks now . I have an abnormal discharge during my pregnancy. The third time of the abnormal discharge i get tested. And the results found bacteria diplococcus gram negative. So my husband get tested too with his urine. But the results found out nothing. I have been monogamous on this relationship five years. I don’t have sex with anyone except my husband. How come i am the only one who get infected ? My gynecologist told me its possible get it from public toilet because during pregnancy immune system is weak . Is that true ?

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Domina Zluf
4:21 pm

It is extremely unlikely that bacteria would grow on a toilet seat then get into a person’s vagina or urethra. I guess the chances of this happening maybe one in 10,000

7:00 am

its due to poor hygiene, wash vaginal area thoroughly after you go to the bathroom. local vaginal pessaries will help.. public toilet using wont cause it. very rare