82 year old male fully conscious but can’t stand up, doctors have no diagnosis except autoimmune neuropathy?

82 year old male suffers from gastric ulcers since more than thirty years, he was under Zantac tablets for couple of years then he stopped treatment after three years from treatment. Before eight years (2008) his gastric ulcers has been diagnosed by upper gastric endoscopy and biopsy has been taken resulting in positive gastric lymphoma, he went under chemotherapy teatment for eight sessions, Cortisone and Nexium tablets (20mg) has been given after that. He continued till now on Nexium (40mg). He was completely healthy after chemotherapy and practiced his life normally (driving, walking, … etc). Endoscopy has been made after six months of the recovery which resulted in healing sign of fibrosis in the stomach wall. He was regularly following up by making x-Rays, blood tests, endoscopes … etc. He was fine till 2016 January, they made for him endoscopy (fasting 6 hours) but they repeated it three times because always they say that there is indigested food in the stomach, finally after fasting twelve hours they succeeded in the endoscopy and the result was fine showing same healing sign of fibrosis in the stomach wall. After that he started losing weight gradually from 105 kegs to 45 kegs now between the period 2016 January up-to-date.
Last month he suffered from severe hypotension with fluctuated readings (100/60, 90/55, 80/40, 60/20 … ) with lack of knowing the exact reason, doctors told him to eat salty food; it worked fine for short period of time then he suffered again from hypotension, they said he is suffering from adrenal insufficiency (Addison’s disease) and anemia; they gave him blood tonics, parental hydrocortisone, and Florine F 0.1 then continued on tablets of twice daily for couple of days, no improvement. Kidneys tested by specialist and monitored since creatinine was fluctuating from 1.5 – 2.5. After five days from taking Hydrocortisone tablets he collapsed, lost consciousness, his heart stopped for eight minutes and finally rescued. He recovered partially from the problems and now he is taking parental Norepinephrine, Bramox tablets (Midodrine 20 mg x 3 times a day), Hydrocortisone tablets twice daily.
Pacemaker was described for him by cardiologist and it was fixed to regulate the pulse rate and it was done successfully. Cardiologists did echo and moga scans and reported ejection fraction (60%), (Normal).
Whenever Norepinephrine dose is reduced hypotension occurs, the dose varies from (0.25-2-4-10-16mcg). Hemoglobin was down as parallel sign from 14 to 7, blood tonics tablets were given without any improvement, blood units (5 till now) has been given to him and Hemoglobin still fluctuating from (7-10).
In addition to all mentioned he is having lung fusion and liquids are removed on regular basis, cultures shoed no malignancy on cytology testing. CT scan was done and it was clear of any tumor cells. Colorless material was used in CT scan. Culture test for water in the lungs was normal. Total water removed was about 7 liter and still forming.
Also positive Candida albicans in the lungs and he is receiving parental antibiotics. Now he is unconscious from Yesterday, he wakes up few minutes and then sleeps without movements of hands or legs.

Conclusion: The doctors in the hospital have no tentative diagnosis only they say that it is autoimmune neuropathy, and there is no test confirmed abnormality in heart or any other organs, also no confirmation of metastasis or recurrence for tumor. Clinically the patient is in fully conscious, can move his legs, hands, head, and can remember everything but can’t stand

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Ayman Darrag
4:45 am

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com Most of the physical symptoms are known to be common with aging..lack of absorption and indigestion can lead to weakness and inability to get enough nutrients from the food,so he may need to get some supplements to regain a bit of strength. Have you done blood sugar tests recently? What about his appetite? Is he eating well? It is abnormal to lose all this weight in such a short period of time but if you say everything is normal and you have made enough investigations to make sure there are no metastasis then it… Read more »

Ahmed Fawzy
11:46 am

His digestive system is clearly unable to digest food which can cause lose of conciousness and unability to move
Changing diet to easier digested food like courgette , yogurt , sauerkraut ,kimishi , chicken breastes , brown rice ,salamon , babanas , eggs , oat , avocado

Goodluck regaining strength