A Dr. has recommended four surgeries be done at the same time, is this too much?

59 y/o female with bulging perineum. Weight Increased in past 3 years by 40 lbs, now weigh 190, 5’4″. Defacography done two weeks ago shows a cystocele, rectocele, entereocele and complete rectal prolapse, extending approx 1″ past anus during elimination only.

HX of:
4 vaginal births
1st delivery posterior presentation w/excessive pushing, forcep delivery, 14 1/2″ head
Vaginal Hystorectomy with BSO at age 40 with cystocele repair and Breast Reduction
Rectocele Repair via transperineal approach at age 48
Fibromyalgia DX x 15 years
Great Saphenous Veins removed via Thermal technique 1-2 years ago.
Gluten allergy (swelling of Upper and lower extremities and face)

I take the following meds and supplements:
fexofenadine for allergies
Spironolactone for mineares (sp?)
Nature-throid for hypothyroidism
Turkey Rhubabrb to prevent constipation, no problems x 10 years
Krill Oil
Omega fish Oil
PRN Meds:
Valacyclovir for sores on mouth
Esgic for head aches and pain

A Dr. Has recommended all four surgeries be done at the same time. Is this too much for me to go through? How long would it take for all four of my surgeries? The Cystocele will be done by a Urologist and the rest by a colon rectal specialist. (The same Dr. Who did my Rectocele Repair 11 years ago.)

Also, I wasn’t given any other option for repairing the rectal prolapse than a laparoscopic anterior low resection. Is this my only option?

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Ahmed Fawzy
6:01 am

Common sense suggest that he does all of them in one surgery , they are more like 1 surgery with 2 parts , i trust your doctor since he got a urologist to do the Cystocele
There is no additional risk
Unfortunaly no different approach in the surgery can be done without additional risks

Good Luck

6:56 am

as the symproms and the pathologies are related to each other,the doctor may have decided to do all the 4 surgeries at one go.
its ok if he feels that this would benefit you..
this will avoid exposing you to anesthesia risks four times separately.
also the recovery time cumulatively,ill be less as compared to if done separately.

laparascopic anterior low resection is the best option as of now and i guess you should go for it.

Masr Fawzy
2:08 pm

1- they are technically 4 surgeries yes
But in real , they are named for one surgery .. one setting which is gonna take 1 to 2 hours to be accomplished and followed by v imp instructions that help in making the surgery success…
This surgery is called PELVIC FLOOR REPAIR

2- laparoscopic rectal repair is the most popular to be done in rectal prolapse, and its the best option to be done.. only surgical treatment is reccomended in such cases

Ayman Darrag
2:54 pm

This is fine to get those surgeries done all at once.. Clinically yhdy are usually done together in case.do not worry.
Try to strength your pelvic floor muscles through keggels exercises.