I lost consciousness twice, without any particular reason?

Something has been happening to me which is worrying.Im age 17 and a few months ago in class, i slipped and fell.That wasn’t the worrying part.I landed on my knee and well it was just painful.Other than a minor bruise, i don’t think it is anything servere.However,after about 10 seconds while sitting on a chair, i lost consciousness.It was probably due to the pain, but the pain wasnt even very major.When i regained consciousness, i was lying on the floor.My head felt heavy.Judging from my spectacles dirt on the lenses, i must have landed on my face.I dont feel much pain on my face however.
Today, it happened again.My arm accidentally hit the table.Then after a few seconds(about 10), i fainted.When i regained consciousness, i was lying under the table. My head felt heavy as usual.
I have asthma when i was much younger but I already recovered from that a long time ago.Unofficially, i think i have vertigo, sweaty palms and slight tremor of hands.

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Masr Fawzy
3:34 pm

First of all we need to rule out any intracranial hge,
MRI for brain should be done,
Then follow up with ENT after that for vertigo may be you have inner ear troubles
Take verserc 8 mg once you feel dizzy and see of you are going to get better

Best regards

Ahmed Fawzy
7:52 pm

In my opinion you are experiencing signs of panic attack , did you experience any sever stress lately or are you afraid of an incoming situation like exam mat be ?

In my opinion it physcological you need to see a psychiatric doctor

Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
8:51 pm

A fainting spell is most commonly due to a temporary interruption in the functioning of your body’s autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system regulates your heart rate and blood pressure. When you experience sudden pain, your heart rate and blood pressure can rapidly decrease, which affects the amount of blood flowing to your brain. This stress on the body, primarily the sudden loss of blood, can result in fainting. While each of us has a different level of pain tolerance, there has been no conclusive scientific evidence to suggest that fainting is related to an individual’s pain threshold. The… Read more »

6:53 am

the pain triggers these kind of fainting episodes in your body.
this occurs due to vasovagal shock due to low pain tolerance.
anxiety and stress may also be contributing factors.
consult a neurologist.
get a MRI brain to rule out any organic intra-cranial pathology.