I have seizure like events?

For many years now I have had what I call seizure like events when I am sometimes stressed out. I don’t know of any particular triggers that cause them. What happens is what feels like an an involuntary burst of energy that seems to come from my upper body or mind area (I can’t tell for certain), that last maybe half a second, recurs every two seconds, and may last a minute or two. The additional symptoms are my eyes lids follow the burst by closing when it starts, and opening when it stops, my body mildly responds the burst, there is ear pressure that rises and dissipates with each spasm, and a mild reflexive upwelling or spasm from my torso out toward my throat.

Thank you,

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Masr Fawzy
3:28 pm

I believe sir its just tics , not to be worried about
But i can assure u , its not epilipsy,

Coz you will never remember what happened to you

Ahmed Fawzy
7:44 pm

In my opinion you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder , its not epilepsy just simple tics i recommend you ignore them ( which can be very effective treatment )
If you can not ignore them you can either take pimozide1mg per day
Or see a psychologist

Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
8:45 pm

In my opinion it could be a psychogenic seizure which can go away in its own by trying to relief anxiety and practicing yoga and meditation and relaxation training.
Thanks .

6:49 am

though these symptoms mimick those of siezure,these cannot be labelled as typical siezures.
Often,overanxiety associated with depression is responsible for these involuntary movements.
taking anxiolytic medicines and practicing yoga therapy and meditation will help a lot.