Question: Abscess between my legs, taking antibiotics….what next?

I had an abscess between my legs upper part, it took 3-4 days and then is was very large , a circle about 5cm /2 inches in diameter and protruded, also a red streak developed about 4-5 cm going away from the center of abscess.
From day 2 I started antibiotic and started applying fucidine and then fucicort by day 4 ..
I knew I had to go to the hospital and open it but I was traveling and had urgent matters so I delayed it. By day 5 unexpectedly I found the abscess dramatically better which surprised me, I waited and another day and it was much much better, by today (day 7) I can still feel the abscess but it is just about less than one cm and not protruded and everything else is fine and nearly no pain.
Yet I am afraid that all the infection went inside the body? I have no fever or anything. But also when I first got the abscess I had flu and sinus, which I am still having but better, sinus is still there.
Today is the last day in the antibiotic augmentin 1mg .
What should I do ? Should I continue to take antibiotic for 3 more days?
Should I be worried?

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11:26 am

it definitely seems that the infection has almost healed and it has not gone anywhere inside your body.
the antibiotic has dissolved and destroyed the infection to a large extent and i suggest you to continue the antibiotic for another 3-5 days, till the infection is totally gone.