Question: My body is swelling, losing control of hands and feet

I am unmarried, vegetarian girl in late thirties. My weight is 43kg. My bp is generally 60/90 and has been always low in my life and I was thin always in my life. My body started swelling since last year. Later swelling is apparent on stomach and now mostly apparent on face and more on upper lip and right jaw side. I feel very tired all the time and sometimes feel pulse everywhere in body. Bones and muscles ache is also there. It’s very difficult to sleep at night as I feel restlessness in my legs. I feel my stomach is moving heavily while i walk.I got several tests done and my thyroid, urine tests were normal. Then doctor told to get Iron studies and b12 tests done. Iron studies showed iron 33 µg/dl, iron binding capacity 433 µg/dl, transferrin saturation 7.62 % and vitamin b12 was 281 pg/ml. Then doctor prescribed iron tab ferium chewable tab twice a day. Initially I felt little better and my HB level came from 9 to 11 and platelets at 159000. But slowly new symptoms added. Now it’s like hands and feet are not in my control. Eating my soup by spoon is a struggle sometimes for me. My head has also started spinning sometimes. I feel something is still lacking in my treatment. Plz guide what should I do.
Thanks so much.

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11:30 am

if you are feeling that your hands and feet are still not in control and spinning of head is a concern then you should definitely get a mri brain done and consult a neurologist .
just doing blood tests will not diagnose everything.