After 3 hernia operations, a medium sized bubble formed about 4cm below the stitches?

After 3 hernia operations and the last one being massive, there has been a sudden development (at least we think so because there hasn’t been any symptom) a medium sized bubble formed about 4cm below the stitches in the abdomen and it burst open and what we think was the bowel on the digestive tract came gushing out.
Later when we got an ultrasound done they said that there was pushed formation as well.
What could be the problem?
The previous hernia was at an advanced stage and by god’s grace and thanks to the doctors it went well but now there’s this new scene
What could be the problem?

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Ahmed Fawzy
5:36 am

Sorry but it seems you have developed a new herniation , i recommend you ask your doctor to see it , i hope you can provide more information about the location of the hernia is it abdominal or inguinal?

Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
8:08 am

In myvopinion This means you are suffering a recurring hernia …another surgical repair is needed using a mesh sheet ,as this formation can be strangulated and cause many complications..
See back your surgeon..

11:21 am

most probably it seems to be a recurred hernia.
the bowel contents may have herniated through the mesh which may have given out.
a soft tissue collection needs to be ruled out.
CT scan of abdomen will help.