Ive been waking up with horrible headaches and a cold icy almost like a brain freeze?

I am a 49 yr old female, I have vertebrae messed up in my neck, I have heart and blood pressure problems I also have moderate/sever COPD. Ive been waking up with horrible headaches and a cold icy almost like a brain freeze in the front of my head right above my right eyebrow, I also have trouble seeing when I wake up with these headaches its hard to focus cause I see double when it does this. My family Dr. seems to think they are cause by the problems with my neck but I worry cause my father had 2 aneurysms on his brain one of them was bad enough for surgery.

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Ahmed Fawzy
5:42 am

In my opinion it is NOT cervical related
Cervical vertebrae related headache are in the back of the head not infront above eyebrows , i recommend you see a neurologist to do a brain MRI , take it seriously , for me I 100% agree with you

Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
7:58 am

Frontal headaches are usually caused by sinusitis or cluster headaches ..
Since you are hypertensive and there is a family history if brain aneurysm then you might be in risk of having it..
Cervical vertebrae problems can cause double vision and headache due to vascular insufficient vertebri basilar artries in a case called VBI..
Well I recommend a duplex scan for your posterior neck veins and a dye MRI of brain blood vessels..

11:23 am

may be a mix picture of cervical vertebral insufficiency as well as intra cranial lesions.
get MRI of neck and brain to rule out either of them.
consult a neurosurgeon.