After giving birth I have pain during intercourse, had first degree tear during birth?

Hi I gave birth 8 months ago and I have since had pain during intercourse. The pain is felt deep inside not where I would have any scar tissue and I also get a tightening/cramping sensation that is painful on occasion in and around the vagina after sex.
I had a first degree tear with no stitches required and I am a first time mum with no complications during birth and a normal vaginal delivery.
I am in a long term relationship and we are both clear of any STIs.

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Ayman Darrag
10:31 pm

conditions that can cause painful intercourse are ..
injuries or irritation of the vagina due to any cause,
vaginismus (muscle spasms of the vaginal wall muscles),
urinary tract infection
It also may suggest abnormalities of the pelvic organs, such as endometriosis, adhesions, or uterine prolapse. So get USG done to rule them out..
Applying lubricating gels to the outer sexual organs, the vulva and labia, as well as using lubricating products in the vagina may be helpful.

9:04 am

this can be due to fibrosis that may have occured in the vaginal mucosa during healing phase of the tear.
applying lubricating oils will help
get a ultrasound abdomen done if this does not help.

Ahmed Fawzy
9:35 am

In my opinion you are discribing vaginismus which happens if vagina near cervix is not lubricated , you can solve this by more flirting , using lubrication creams , also it can be psychological after a normal delivery pain , (injury or pain fear can cause more real pain ).

Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
1:52 pm

It could be due to the scar or vaginal dryness or span in vaginal ms

Use some lubricants like sweet almond oil, u can undergo fenton procedure which is surgery if its due to the scar following the tear

It happens with many women .. no worries