Question: My daughter has blurry vision and some black dots in the corona

My daughter(13 year) been affected with viral conjunctivitis on both eyes about 3 weeks back and cured now.
She was on antibiotics and steroid eye drops to cure the same as prescribed by her Dr. Now she is has blurry vision on left eye and her doctor identified some black dots in the corona…

Just wondering if this is curable and what are the best medicines she can use without any side effects. .
Tks in advance.

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7:07 am

blurry vision and the spots may be due to temporary remnants of the infectiona nd the use of eye drops. these usually fade away in about 1 month time.
only if the blurry vision deteriorates and vision gets affected badly, or if the spots increase, then she may need some active management.
else, presently, she just needs lubricating eye drops and also give her oral multivitamin medicines to speed up the recovery.