Diagnosed and treated for Hyospadus, experiencing severe pain and difficulty urinating?

my 37 yr old son in law is laid off, un-insured, and NO income. At birth he was diagnosed and treated surgically throughout years with conditon – Hypospadius. Recently and currently he is experiencing severe pain and difficulty urinating. We have no money, I am retired on Social Security but it breaks my heart to see him in this pain. Is there anything we can do to help him at this time. He is trying to find work with Medical Insurance, but at this time negative.

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Ahmed Fawzy
6:08 pm

In my opinion you are assuming that it is related to Hyospadus, which if related it would have caused problems earlier To confirm it is not Hyospadus ask your son to apply traction to his penis (pull his penis outwards ) while urinating , if pain disappeared then you are right it is Hyospadus related if not then : First possibility is urinary tract infection Second is bladder stones As you say you have financial issue so i recommend a simple urine analysis Show it to me then i will tell you the next step in attempt to lower costs… Read more »

6:39 am

hypospadias is just one possibility of the pain.
it may be due to urinary tract infection or urinary calculus.
get urine test and usg abdomen done.
consult a urologist.

Ayman Darrag
7:37 am

If he has been treated by hyospadus repair then it is not supposed to cause problem now at 37 years old..
So we need to find the current cause of pain it could be a different cause as UTI or other medical condition..
Has he any symptoms or signs other than pain?
If pain only..when does the pain increase and how it is like?
Please reply so we can go further with current diagnosis..

Masr Fawzy
5:15 am

Hypospadius has nothing to do with your son’ s condition,
I believe its urinary tract stones , with some infections, please just do urine analysis and send me the results right away, make your child drink plenty of water